Dragon Boat

Dragon boating is a paddling sport that originated in China and has been participated in for over 20 centuries.

Since the 1970’s popularity of the sport grew as it became internationally competed in. Dragon boats are long wooden boats that hold 18 paddlers, a steer and during competitions must have a drum, drummer and dragon head on the front. The sport is rich in tradition and beliefs that still exist to this very day.

Singapore has a large community of dragon boat teams that compete all year long, and the Aussie team is a coveted expat team known for their fighting team spirit, fun, friendship and of course hauling in medals at every race.

Dragon boating is a great way to get fit, have fun and meet new people, as well as experiencing a local traditional sport while you live and work in Singapore. To become a dragon boat paddler you don’t have to be a particularly sporty person. It’s easy to learn and best of all it caters to all fitness and experience levels.

We welcome all nationalities (not just Aussies) – It’s as easy as just turning up and we’ll take care of the rest.