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Reiko started dragon boating early 2011 and outrigger canoeing mid-2013.

Outrigger canoeing challenges you ultimate stamina and mental strength as well as gives you a chance to enjoy great scenery, where dragon boating is very intense in a short span and also introduces you to much wider community.

Austcham is one of a few clubs which run both sports very competitively, and at the same time, they are also known as wild drunks. And that's enough for Reiko to stay with Austcham!

Men's Captain

Andreas began paddling with the club almost immediately after moving to Singapore in 2008. Now, both dragon boat and outrigger are an integral part of his fitness lifestyle.

In addition to the regular local races Andreas has competed in several international events including Dragon boat world championships and Sydney harbour outrigger challenge.

The highly competitive nature, teamwork and constant improvement and refinement are what he enjoys most about the sport.

“Watching a team of great people train, sweat and win together is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that keeps me coming back”.


For Jiamin, starting with dragon boating was a very random decision by approaching a friend one day and decided to try. 5 years later, Jiamin is still around, enjoying every moment of being part of a big paddling community. What Jiamin loves most about Austcham is definitely the people! Austcham embraces people of different nationality, age as well as level of experience. It is also a team where we're not only competitive on water, but also have time out of water to mingle with fellow paddlers over a few glasses. Jiamin has a love-hate relationship with races preparation. Spending hours at the gym and training in water, be it under the scorching sun or a gloomy day. But at end of the day, celebrating with the gold medal around her neck makes every blood and sweat worth it!


Cynthia had her first taste of dragon boating in Sydney, where she partook in corporate team races for one season. At that time, she thought dragon boating was just "ok".

In 2015, 3 years after moving to Singapore, she decided to give it another go, this time with Austcham and since then she has never looked back.

Cynthia loves the competitive nature and teamwork that come with the sport. The fact that she is at her fittest as she has ever been says alot about the sport too.

Having grown up in Australia, Cynthia could not imagine being with any other team but Austcham.


Derick started dragon boating back in 2002 with Ngee Ann Polytechnic. In the first 10 years of dragon boating, Derick paddled competitively from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, then to Nan-yang Technological University and eventually be part of Singapore national Team. Of which, he held captaincy in his Polytechnic and University. In 2012 Derick decided to move into a non-competitive role and held the team manager role for the National Team. His passion in the sport also brought him to coach clubs in Singapore as he would like to share his knowledge in dragon boating. Derick started coaching Austcham Paddle Club in 2014. He hopes to bring up the team to be one of the best teams in Singapore!


Membership coordinator

Membership coordinator

John Mcgrath Award

Every year, all Austcham members nominate one male and female paddler, who have contributed to the team and have inspired the team in various way.

These Best and Fairest paddlers are not based on the fastest or the strongest paddlers in the team, instead they are those who have shown their passions and dedications to paddling, to their own individual improvement, to the team’s growth and to the paddling community.

2016 Best and Fairest Paddlers